Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Madison's 12th: A Basketball Poem

Whether you shoot
Whether you miss, make
Or toss up an embarrassing
Brick that bounces to
                           Outer space
Or just a simple swish
From the free throw line
You are
You will be
For always (and that’s a long time)
My forever star
Whether posting up for a three
Making a pass
                     Between the knees
Whether you criss-cross,
A win, a loss
It never matters to me
You’re my always and forever
Off the court
Not just on
Whether you miss, make, pass or shoot
1 second left
My eyes will be you
Not the rocket you just launched
From half-court
My eyes always follow the important things
The things I love, cherish and adore
A ball through a hoop
Off your fingertips
Will always make me
Shout, applaud
And rise to my feet (even if I spill my drink)
You’re my forever, always, never-ending
Triple threat makes the defense wonder and think
Remember off the court (and on too)
Your triple threat lives between the head
              And heart
       On the empty (because He’s not there anymore)
He’s the Father,
OUR Father
And the Son
And Holy Ghost
While there, his thoughts were on you
He spilled the blood of grace for you
Don’t forget this
This is more exciting than
An around-the-back-get-out-of-my-way-
Drive to the hoop
Now if you dunk
Oh, man, look out
But, it’s the words from your mouth
That speak the heart
It’s the words that uplift
Like the arc on fade-away jump
Or a defensive swat or steal
That says,
No, no. Not on my court. Not today.
That shout out
“Hey, world! Look out!”
Because you’re not just
And will not only be just
A star on the floor boards
Setting fire to the scoreboard
You are and will be
My always and forever
With all my love,
Happy 12th !

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